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About us
This consortium is a collaborative organization that consists compose of researchers from universities and other academic institutions, consultant engineers and government officers with the goal of promoting effective and efficient adaptation measures to mitigate the aggravating impacts of climate change especially in water-related area.
Moreover, the organization has been conducting activities to facilitate the improvisation of technology and disseminate latest information governing climate change adaptation and its existing concerns and issues.

Our aim
This consortium aims to establish and disseminate latest research, world trend and practical solution method in order to understand the climate change for water management.
Most of the operations for water-related disaster have been planned and conducted by government. We aim to collaborate with different organizations for the enhancement of the flood prevention policy with high level professional consideration that will be adapted to the society.

Our activities
We have two main structures;
1. Develop:
Setting opportunities for experts to discuss and developing scientific and practical technology on climate change adaptation
--- Climate Change Seminar
--- Study meeting, workshop
2. Deliver
Delivering our initiatives actively to make connections
--- Sharing the knowledge with overseas
--- Lecture (to water-related expertise, local authorities and residents)
--- Lecture (to young generations in university and others)

Board Members
Tomohito Yamada: Representative (Hokkaido University)
Taro Yamamoto: Deputy Representative (River Center of Hokkaido)
Ikuo Kawamura: Secretary (CTI Engineering Co.,Ltd.)
Takatoshi Yoshida: Secretary (Docon Co.,Ltd.)
Manabu Chiba: Secretary (River Center of Hokkaido)
Support organizations
Hokkaido Regional Development Bureau (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Japan)

Organization chart

To join us
Now we are considering how you can join this consortium from countries except Japan.