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Launch a Consortium for Climate Change Adaptation

Climate change has been one of the perennial issues that has been strongly affecting the world nowadays. Records shows that in the recent years major flood disasters are occurring frequently in various places around the world. The influence of climate change has caused serious damages in our water-related sectors. Flooding and other water-related problems have become perennial issues brought about by the changes in the climate compounding serious effects in our life cycles and habitat. In consideration of the increasing risks of flooding incidences nowadays and on the next decades ahead, it is henceforth imperative to craft mitigating measures equipped with the latest scientific knowledge on global environmental change due to climate change.

In Japan, researchers, consultant engineers and government officers have collaborated to take on how to deal with the flood risks based on climate change. We have been making a big progress such as hazard estimation with large amount of weather prediction data and consideration of adaptation measures.

In trying to apply the adaptation measures to specific regions, there are still loopholes that we need to iron out. Group discussions with people having diverse standpoints are deemed necessary. We envision that setting situations where people come from different area helps us to make further progress on flood management or other water-related works. Although we have collaborated to address this, we are now on the next step which needs us to work together on the new scheme of approaches and strategies. It is essential to share the latest scientific and practical knowledge gained through research and practice.

Considering this background, we established this consortium so that people can work together and engage in this issue actively for the sake of developing a more comfortable society. This consortium will try its best to become a catalyst of change to making our society stronger against climate change.